Around the world in ten publishers (and counting)

babelThe good news keeps coming in! An Italian publisher, Garzanti of Milan, has acquired the translation rights of BABEL – as well as those of LINGO! And a few weeks ago, the Cracow-based publishing house Karakter bought the Polish translation rights of BABEL. That makes ten publishers for BABEL, and nine for LINGO, in twelve different countries in all.

(Update: South Korea makes eleven, thanks to Miraebook, Seoul.)

Wow. I feel like a one-man multinational. Here’s an updated map of the Babel campaign:

wereldkaart - met BABEL - groot Europa



3 thoughts on “Around the world in ten publishers (and counting)

  1. Congratulations Gaston! I already know how very interesting this book is so I am not at all surprised at hearing how well received it is internationally! Best wishes for success beyond your wildest dreams.

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  2. Leuk is dat, van harte gefeliciteerd, Gaston! I can’t wait to read Вавилон, the Russian version of Babel. Je goûte d’avance le plaisir de savourer la finesse et la profondeur de l’auteur, mais aussi la qualité irréprochable du travail du traducteur, comme c’était le cas avec Lingo.

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  3. Great that your work is getting so much attention in different parts of the world. You worked hard enough for this, so it must be satisfying to get the recognition


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