Around the world in 14 publishers (so far)

Babel is on a translating spree! Today I learnt about the fourteenth separate edition, and it’s frankly quite an unexpected one: Greek! Metaíchmio (or Metaíxmio, Metaíhmio – several transcriptions of Μεταίχμιο circulate) of Athens have bought the rights. And talking about the Greek alphabet: this will be the fifth script Babel is going to be published in, after Latin, Cyrillic, Chinese characters (both traditional and simplified) and Korean.

Wow. Thanks to Profile Books and Andrew Nurnberg Associates, who make such a great job of selling the translation rights, I can now feel like a one-man multinational. Here’s an updated map of the Babel campaign:

wereldkaart - met babel - groot europa

7 thoughts on “Around the world in 14 publishers (so far)

  1. Speaking of counting… The system used by the French and Italians from 20 to 99 is called “vigesimal”, i.e., based on 20. Is there a formal term for the flipped magnitudes of Dutch and German from 21-99? (Or, for that matter, 13-19, in English as well.)


    • English is no stranger to either of those systems, of course: ‘four scores and seven’, ‘two-and-twenty’. But in reply to your question: no, I don’t know of a specific name for the latter phenomenon.


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