Come and see me sometime

MicrophoneShould you like to hear me speak, here are some of this year’s opportunities. At live events, do not hesitate to come up to me for a chat after the show.


In German: 24. April, Aachen, um acht Uhr. Öffentliche Vorlesung über europäische Sprachen in Buchhandlung Schmetz.

In English: 2 June, Melrose (Scotland). A talk about translation at the ITI Scotnet Summer Gathering (members only).

In English: 5 September, Amsterdam. A discussion at the VU (Free University) about endangered languages, followed by a viewing of the film Sueño en otro idioma.

In English: 27 or 28 October, Ljubljana. A talk about learning Vietnamese at the Polyglot Conference. Open to anyone who visits the conference (which I recommend!).

In English: 10 November, near Oslo. At a NFFO seminar, I’ll be discussing the translation of Lingo into Norwegian with translator Hedda Vormeland. Members only.


En español: 23 de marzo, Madrid, a las 20:00, presentación de la edición española de Lingo, en librería La Buena Vida (calle Vergara 5, Madrid).

In English: 12 May, Varna (Bulgaria), a talk about translation to participants of the Wordfast Forward User Conference.

In het Nederlands: 19 juni, Amersfoort, een interview tijdens het Literair diner. Thema: spelen met taal.

In English: 30 June, Ivar Aasen tunet, Ørsta (Norway), a talk at the Norwegian Festival of Language and Literature.


In English: 17 March, London, Dutch/Frisian language evening at Europe House.

In het Nederlands: 16 april, Leiden, boekhandel Van Stockum, over Vakantie in eigen taal.

In het Nederlands: 8 juni, Amersfoort, in de openbare bibliotheek, over Vakantie in eigen taal.

In English: 23-24 September, Gothenburg. Presentation and interview about Lingo, the Swedish edition.

In English: 30 October, Thessaloniki. Two talks at the Polyglot Conference (here’s one).

In English: 18 November, Venlo. TEDx Talk about multilingualism.