These are quotes from all the reviews published in print media that I’m aware of:

The Times (UK):
the-times-logo-1024x533.pngBabel is a story not of nouns and consonants, but of empires and continents’; ‘eye-opening and thoroughly entertaining’; ‘wonderful company: chatty, informative, enthusiastic’. (Full text – subscribers only.)

Mail on Sunday (UK):
The_Mail_on_Sunday‘… a wonderfully eloquent writer. You couldn’t wish for a better guide to the wonders of the world’s bewildering array of tongues.’

The Irish Independent (Ireland):
Irish Independent‘Smart, punchy prose.’ ‘I loved this book’ that ‘gives us a fascinating insight into what [as monolinguals] we’re missing out on in the linguistic jungle.’ (Full text – registration required.)

The Big Issue (UK):
Schermafbeelding 2014-11-17 om 19.03.31‘Enthralling,’ ‘exciting stories and illuminating history lessons’,’riveting’.  (Full text – scroll down.)

Kirkus (US):
KirkusDorren proves to be a genial, fascinating guide to the modes, manners, and curiosities of the most-spoken languages in the world. (…) A deft, spirited exploration of the connection of language to a nation’s identity and culture.’ (Full text – incorrect cover picture!)

Booklist (US):
Booklist‘Dorren teaches readers a great deal about how languages survive, evolve, and spread’, ‘delves into social and political dynamics affecting speech and writing.’ ‘A fascinating foray into global linguistics.’ (Full text – subscribers only.)

Shelf Awareness (US):
shelfawareness‘An engaging and informative whirlwind tour of how major world languages are created, used and changed.’ (Full text.)

PWPublishers Weekly (US):
‘Dorren educates and fascinates’ with ‘this wildly entertaining linguistic study’. (Full text.)