Who I am

Having started to talk before I could walk, I remember my pre-schooler’s frustration at being unable to read. In my teens and later, I learnt a handful of languages well and dabbled in several others. As a journalist, I published two well-received books on linguistics, both in Dutch: Nieuwe tongen (New Tongues, 1999) on the languages of migrants in the Benelux, and Taaltoerisme (Language Tourism, 2012), a lively grand tour of 53 European languages. The latter was the basis for Lingo.

In 2013, I produced the Language Lover’s Guide to Europe, which you can buy in the Mac App Store and in Google Play, the webshop for Android apps.

I live in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, with my wife, Marleen. The photograph in the upper right corner, taken by Bram Petraeus, is from 2012.

Two blogposts (this one and this one here) tell you a little about my personal relationship with languages. And if you want to hear or see me live, click here.