‘Gaston Dorren is an engaging and entertaining speaker, at ease presenting his own ideas and in debate with the audience. He encourages them to question his ideas and to share their own insights creating an opportunity for audiences to challenge his ideas but also themselves. His knowledge of his subject is extensive and he is generous with his wisdom.’
Louise Hilditch, Brussels
Full Circle
, founder


‘Gaston is an enthralling and knowledgeable speaker who offers a uniquely playful, witty and deeply insightful perspective on linguistics. His determination to challenge perceived knowledge on the subject, and his ability to weave humour through all of his learnings, allow him to captivate audiences of all different levels of expertise. Gaston has been a joy to work with, and a memorable highlight of our conferences in Thessaloniki and Ljubljana.’
Alex Rawlings, Barcelona
Polyglot Conference, organiser


‘Even better [than reading the book] was having the author himself as a speaker in our bookshop. Since most visitors didn’t speak Dutch, he gave his talk in fluent German (…). Knowledgeable, witty and supported by a clever visual presentation, he took us on a wonderful trip to various languages near and far.’
Walter Vennen, Aachen
Schmetz am Dom, owner


‘Obama may be a better speaker. But not about linguistics.’
My next-door neighbour
and friend