Sound files

As announced in the Korean and Punjabi chapters of BABEL, this page enables you to hear the pronunciation of several words in those languages. For Punjabi, scroll down.

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감감 – kam-gam – in the dark

깜깜 – kkam-kkam – in the pitch-dark 

캄캄 – k’am-k’am – in a spooky, desolate dark 

빙빙 – ping-bing – round and round  

삥삥 – pping-pping – round and round, faster 

핑핑- p’ing-p’ing – round and round, in wider circles 

반짝 – pantchak – twinkle, glitter 

빤짝 – ppantchak – sparkle, twinkle brightly 

빙빙 – ping-bing (as above) – round and round  

뱅뱅 – paeng-baeng – round and round, in smaller circles 

끄똑끄똑 – kkŭttok-kkŭttok – nodding in a heavy way (no audio available yet)

까딱까딱 – kkattak-kkattak – nodding in a light way 

벅벅 – pŏk-pŏk – rubbing hard

박박 – pak-pak – rubbing, polishing

박 – pak – with a rip 

팍 – p’ak – with a strong rip

죽 – chuk – briefly, roughly 

쑥 – ssuk – abruptly 

발딱 – palttak – with a jerk 

픽 – p’ik – sudden fall 


ਘੋੜਾ – kòra – horse 

ਕੋੜਾ – kora – whip 

ਕੋੜ੍ਹਾ – kóra – leper 

Thank you, Ms jaejae0 (South Korea), Ms kje01080821286 (South Korea) and Mr Sukhjinder Singh  (Punjab, India), for recording, upon my request, some of the above words!