Reviews (US and Canada)

Here are some North American reviews:

WSJWall Street Journal:
‘has an eye for genuinely surprising detail’, ‘a witty commentator.’

New YorkerThe New Yorker:
this playful survey‘ … ‘gives voice to to an important linguistic truth: “Today’s errors tend to become tomorrow’s correct usage.”’

John McWhorterLinguist and writer John McWhorter on
‘Dorren is a dependably entertaining and erudite tour guide’ with ‘a gift for the handy metaphor.’

BglobeBoston Globe:
‘Dorren’s romp is as enlightening as it is entertaining.’

Star Tribune:startribune
‘a wonderful read’, ‘a unique, page-turning book.’

NationalPostNational Post:
Lingo ‘is so much fun a reader might feel that half of Babel’s curse has already been lifted.’

WPFWinnipeg Free Press:
‘stylistic flair’, ‘vivid imagery’, ‘passion and humour’, ‘a tour de force’, and more.

starToronto Star (
A ‘brilliant cultural deep dive into the roots of European languages.’


American Way:
‘it’s laugh-out-loud funny – and that’s in all languages.’

PRIPRI’s The World in Words:
‘illuminating’, ‘lovely’ and ‘beautiful’ (listen here, 20:01).


Publishers Weekly:
‘bubbly linguistic endeavor’, ‘quirky tidbits aplenty’, ‘immersive and illuminating’.

‘often short, always interesting chapters’, ‘intriguing, thoughtful’, ‘amusing, too!’

‘chock-full of fun stories that unravel how Europe speaks’; included among ‘the 5 Best Travel Books of 2015‘ (as does Rear View Mirror, sort of).

AmerScholarThe American Scholar
A ‘lively tour through the mysteries of language’, ‘rich with surprises’, provides (…) thorough context for the stories behind the languages.’