LIprofilelogoNGO is available in hardcover, in paperback and as an e-book, all published by Profile Books of London. Perhaps you prefer the Dutch, Swedish or Russian edition – see below. You can buy Lingo online (e.g. from Amazon UK, USA, Germany). Alternatively, you might consider purchasing it at your friendly neighbourhood bookshop while it’s still there – the bookshop, I mean.

The AmeGroveAtlanticrican edition was published on December 1 2015 by Grove Atlantic of New York City. Paperback: 13 December 2016.

audible2Audible has published Lingo as an audio book. It was read by George Backman, who has an amazing ability to pronounce words in many languages.

A RussiAzbukaan-language edition – LINGVO – has been published by Azbooka-Atticus of Moscow. Natalie Shahova has translated it, and I have it from several independent expert sources that she has done an excellent job.


LINGO has been published in Swedish by Stockholm-based Alfabeta Bokförlag, in a translation by Torun Lidfeldt Bager. The subtitle is En språkresa genom Europa – ‘a language journey through Europe’.


In March 2017, Turner will publish the Spanish-language edition, both in Spain and Latin America. The translation is by by José C. Vales.


Ullstein, a very major publisher based in Berlin, will publish the German-language edition of Lingo, translated by Juliane Cromme. The book is expected to come out in March 2017.

paxThe Norwegian edition will be published by Pax in Oslo, in a translation by Hedda Vormeland. The book is due out in the autumn of 2017.

LINGscriptumO was based on the Dutch-language book Taaltoerisme, published in 2012 by Scriptum of Schiedam. It can be bought in Dutch and Belgian bookshops or ordered from the author.