LIprofilelogoNGO is available in hardcover, in paperback and as an e-book, all published by Profile Books of London. Perhaps you prefer the Dutch, Swedish or Russian edition – see below. You can buy Lingo online (e.g. from Amazon UK, USA, Germany). Alternatively, you might consider purchasing it at your friendly neighbourhood bookshop while it’s still there – the bookshop, I mean.

The AmeGroveAtlanticrican edition was published on December 1 2015 by Grove Atlantic of New York City. Paperback: 13 December 2016.

audible2Audible has published Lingo as an audio book. It was read by George Backman, who has an amazing ability to pronounce words in many languages.

A RussiAzbukaan-language edition – LINGVO – has been published by Azbooka-Atticus of Moscow. Natalie Shahova has translated it, and I have it from several independent expert sources that she has done an excellent job.


LINGO has been published in Swedish by Stockholm-based Alfabeta Bokförlag, in a translation by Torun Lidfeldt Bager. The subtitle is En språkresa genom Europa – ‘a language journey through Europe’.


In March 2017, Turner published the Spanish edition. Sale in Latin America will follow soon. The translation is by by José C. Vales.


In the same month, Ullstein of  Berlin published the German edition, translated by Juliane Cromme and titled ‘Sprachen’.

paxThe Norwegian edition will be published by Pax in Oslo, in a translation by Hedda Vormeland. The book is due out in the autumn of 2017.

LINGscriptumO was based on the Dutch-language book Taaltoerisme, published in 2012 by Scriptum of Schiedam. It can be ordered from the author for €7,95 per copy plus postage (which may range from € 9,31 to € 18,62 per parcel, depending on destination; up to 3 copies per parcel).