25 things not to miss

LLGE-omslag5 great language museums

  • Esperanto Museum, Vienna
  • Hungarian Language Museum, Sátoraljaújhely
  • Wortreich, Bad Hersfeld (Germany)
  • Linguistic Museum, Kiev
  • Champollion Museum, Figeac (France)

5 great outdoor attractions

  • Wall poems in 25 languages, Sofia
  • Village-wide dictionary, Vnà (Switzerland)
  • Whistled language, Kuşköy (Turkey)
  • Runic graffiti, Venice
  • Mysterious Sami (?) inscriptions, Käymäjärvi (Sweden)

5 remarkable minority languages

  • Sorbian in Germany
  • Gaelic in the Outer Hebrides (UK)
  • Basque in Spain and France
  • East and North Frisian in Germany
  • Cimbrian, Catalan (!) and Ladin in Italy

5 great museums of language technology

  • Louis Braille Birthplace Museum, Coupvray (France)
  • Telegraph Museum, Porthcurno (UK)
  • Gutenberg Museum, Mainz (Germany)
  • Museum of Telecommunications, Kifisia (Greece)
  • Royal Signals Museum, Blandford Forum (UK)

5 great miscellaneous places

  • Kidimo letter shop, Paris
  • Armenian alphabet monument, near Yerevan
  • Basarabi cave complex, Murfatlar (Romania)
  • Bodleian Library, Oxford
  • Þjóðmenningarhús, Reykjavik

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