A prize for Babel!

On Saturday 5 October, I was honoured to win the Onze Taal/ANV Language Book Prize 2019. The prize-giving ceremony took place during the biennial conference of Onze Taal, an NGO dedicated to the Dutch language. The award is endowed with 3,000 euros and comes with a certificate and a caricature by well-known cartoon artist Tom Janssen.

The same video with subtitles in Dutch can be seen here.

6 thoughts on “A prize for Babel!

  1. Being an amateur I love the book Babel. One funny thing ( I know Bengali); when reading page 272 in the Norwegian version, I realize that the alphabet in my iPhone allows the combination SKRU; স্ক্রু! I am very impressed with Hedda and her translation! (We are from the same place in Norway.
    Terje, Bjørkelangen


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