False loans

Two weeks ago, the website Futility Closet reproduced a 1969 language puzzle that may be futile but certainly not uninteresting. It can only be solved if you know a thing or two about foreign languages. Personally, I managed to identify the languages 1, 3, and 5 correctly, while for 2, I was in doubt between two possibilities. I had no idea what number 4 might be (though of course, upon seeing the answer, it seemed obvious).

The puzzle inspired me to design one along the same lines myself.

1. choir, singer, sang, jars, skies, laid, fonder
2. tome, mire, red, alas, tender, molar
3. killing, love, hugger, pint, sent, sure
4. lass, first, handy, bat, bald, gift
5. babe, bosom, drag, drug, gore, sit, sat
6. wording, gerund, poets, pummel, onding, thee
7. lingo, tango, pica, apes, cassis, sedans

Find the answers here; the password required is loans.

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