My World in Words

PatrickCox kleinEarlier this year, I was interviewed in the comfort of my home by Patrick Cox (see photo), a British-American radio journalist who specialises in language. I’d enjoyed dozens of his World in Words shows as podcasts, partly because they are so interesting, partly because I like Patrick’s friendly and intelligent style and his pleasant voice (and trust me, I’m not saying this about all interviewers). World in Words is probably the language podcast that I like best, with Lexicon Valley an excellent second.

Yesterday, he sent me a note saying that the episode featuring me has been put online. Listening to myself talk is among my least favourite things (here’s why), but I think Patrick has managed to make me sound fairly coherent – there’s skill for you. Here‘s the link, and if you scroll down a bit, you’ll see the contents of the podcast listed: nearly 15 minutes of Dorren talking about multilingualism and me (well, he asked) and even singing a song. The other 15 minutes are about Klingon.

Enjoy, and do let me know what you think (but please, break it gently).

5 thoughts on “My World in Words

  1. Hoi! Groeten uit Californië. Heel mooi, hoor! Limburgs met zijn zachte “g” hoorde ik all tijd in Naaldwijk. Mijn buurman was Limburgs. Ik ben Amerikaanse. Ik woonde 2 jaren en Naaldwijk gedurende de jaren 70.
    Ik ben me je mee eens: Patrick Cox is one of the best interviewers around! I just love his World of Words podcast.
    Regarding noun genders: When I lived in Holland it seemed like everyone referred to everything as “het” (it) regardless of the gender. Nu is het “hij”, he? Ja, talen veranderen. OK, Hasta la proximal, tot ziens.


    • Dankjewel! Mijn ervaring is dat ik geschreven Afrikaans meestal begrijp, en dat ‘Afrikaanssprekendes’ geschreven Nederlands meestal begrijpen. Groet uit het verre noorden!


  2. Wow, a podcast featuring songs in Limburgish AND Klingon. What are you going to do to surpass this. Best regards from across the pond.

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