My World in Words

PatrickCox kleinEarlier this year, I was interviewed in the comfort of my homeĀ by Patrick Cox (see photo), a British-American radio journalist who specialises in language. I’d enjoyedĀ dozens of his World in Words shows as podcasts, partly because they are soĀ interesting, partly because I like Patrick’s friendly and intelligentĀ styleĀ and his pleasant voice (and trust me, I’m not saying this about all interviewers). World in Words is probably theĀ language podcast that I like best, with Lexicon Valley an excellent second.

Yesterday, he sent me a note saying that the episodeĀ featuringĀ meĀ has beenĀ put online.Ā Listening to myself talk isĀ among my least favourite things (here’s why), but I thinkĀ Patrick has managed to make me sound fairlyĀ coherent – there’s skill for you.Ā Here‘s the link, and if you scroll down a bit, you’ll see the contents of the podcast listed: nearly 15 minutes of DorrenĀ talking about multilingualism and me (well, he asked)Ā and even singing a song. The other 15 minutes are about Klingon.

Enjoy, and do let me know what you think (but please, break it gently).